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Track B: Education in a Digital Perspective

Digitalization of the International Office

– Benefits and Challenges

Can you imagine what would happen if you could exchange data electronically and safely (and in real time) with every university in Europe? The Erasmus without Paper (EWP) project is an initiative aiming to digitalise the Erasmus+ mobility process. Nearly 1.000 universities in Europe are already part of this digital ecosystem and efforts are now underway to expand it to around 5.000 higher education institutions across 34 Erasmus countries, as well as to enable other digital services to run on the EWP infrastructure.


In this session we will explore how mobility processes will look like when using digital opportunities. Benefits of the digital transformation will be discussed alongside the challenges to achieve a paperless administration of student mobility.

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Paul Leys

Policy Advisor, International Relations Office, Ghent University

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