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Paul Leys

Policy Advisor, International Relations Office, Ghent University

Paul Leys is working as policy advisor at the International Relations Office at Ghent University. He is responsible for redesigning processes aiming to simplify the administrative workload that comes with student mobility. In this capacity he plays an active role in the Erasmus Without Paper project and is involved in the European Student Card Initiative discussions at the European level. As coordinator of the eQuATIC project he is working on data-informed decision making about international partnerships and contributes to creating awareness about the importance of quality of mobility. He graduated as MA of Science in EU-Studies at Ghent University and started working at his alma mater soon after his graduation. After more than five years at the Office of Counselling, he joined the International Relations Office of Ghent University in May 2012.

– Benefits and Challenges

Thursday, August 15, 2019


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