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Niclas Sandstrom

University of Helsinki

Niclas Sandström is a PhD researcher and a pedagogical campus developer at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland. He is a member of Helsinki Institute of Sustainability Science, HELSUS. Niclas works in and is the co-founder of Caledonia - Campus Learning and Development Initiatives Hub. Caledonia is a strategic partner in campus R&D&I, focusing on different levels of transdisciplinary development, co-creation and co-design of  learning landscapes - sustainably.

His R&D&I interests cover learning landscapes broadly, including school and educational design and campus learning landscapes as well as the sustainability of future-ready working and learning environments. The work is transdisciplinary by nature.

Niclas currently focuses on community involvement and co-design principles for sustainable school, workplace and urban development. One focus is on developing learning hubs where the campus is seen as a network of learning landscapes. This research initiative is part of the DigiCampus research programme coordinated by the University of Eastern Finland. Niclas also works on trans-European projects where the assessment of learning Circular Economy in e.g. mixed and virtual realities is being developed and assessed, together with more sustainable solutions for the future experts graduating from 5 European universities. His motto: to be interesting, you need to be interested.

–Transdisciplinary collaboration in campus learning landscape designogress in the Digital Era

Friday, August 16, 2019


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