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Niclas Lindgren

Senior management consultant and the CEO of Renesans Consulting

Niclas Lindgren (MSc Economics) is a senior management consultant and the CEO of Renesans Consulting. With experience gathered over 20 years and from over 100 strategic development projects within higher education, Niclas has a very extensive knowledge of higher education evaluation and development. These projects contain strategy development and implementation on university- and unit level, leadership development for both the university as whole as well as service leadership for administrative services, restructuring and mergers of academic organizations, service design and development for internal services, outsourcing of administrative services, leaning of administrative processes, development of quality assurance and implementation of digital services. Over the years, Niclas has worked with most of the Finnish universities and universities of applied science as well as with the ministry of Education. Besides continuing work with developing the Finnish university sector, Niclas is currently engaged in setting up and developing higher education institutions in Asia.

– From Control to Service?

Friday, August 16, 2019

11:00 –11:45

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