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Anne Nevgi

University of Helsinki

Anne Nevgi (PhD, Associate Professor) is the Principal Investigator of research focusing on university teaching and learning, digital and physical learning environments. She has led and worked in multiple research projects. She has developed and taught over the years a 60-ECTS programme of university pedagogy. She has noticed that it's not enough to change university teaching - it is necessary to change the digital and physical learning environments, as well. Her latest research interest concerns how to improve and develop learning landscapes of campuses. She is a co-founder of Caledonia – Campus Learning and Development Initiatives Hub. Currently she is leading Retrofitting Campus Learning Landscape Project (subproject of national spearhead project DigiCampus) and responsible senior researcher in e-CirP Embedding circular economy into product design and optimization - European consortium to develop new Master education that aims to develop virtual and mixed realities for teaching circular economy in five European universities. Her motto: to change something, you need to change yourself first.

–Transdisciplinary collaboration in campus learning landscape designogress in the Digital Era

Friday, August 16, 2019


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