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Track B: Education in a Digital Perspective

The Opportunity Trap

– Education and Employment in a Changing World

Technological innovation is changing the nature of many jobs and we are told that employers seeks ever increasing qualifications of their workers. The opportunity to make a better life is enshrined in the belief that education must keep pace with technology. This view of skill-biased technological change has been described as a race between education and technology. In this race young people are convinced that the only way to get access to the labour market is by postsecondary credentials. This makes the younger generation eager of pursuing higher education to fit the demands of the future. At the same time they are worried that their investments in the educational system might not pay off. Who knows what tomorrows labour market will look like? In the race between education and technology they find different stories told by public policy experts. They are told that the increasing inequality is a result of the education system failing to keep pace with technological innovation, but at the same time that the technological revolution could also mean the end of work. In this lecture I will address some the outcomes of this situation.

Magnus Karlsson

Senior lecturer, Lund University Lecture

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