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Teorifagbygget Hus 1, Auditorium 1
Track A: Digitalization and Managing Change

Social Media and the Modern Organization

Social media has become an influential proxy in our private lives as well as in our workplaces. Some might even claim that we are in the midst of yet another social revolution, as the digital platform of social media has radically changed the way people interact and communicate. Social media has the potential to offer benefits for organizations, that manage to develop appropriate policies and practices. Still, the use of social media in the workplace also poses challenges, such as the risk of overuse, multitasking, changes in communication patterns, and the risk of weakening the importance of rich personal communication and strong ties between co-workers. In this presentation I will introduce different aspects of social media use in organizations, using practical examples and focusing on ways to better understand and make use of the benefits social media brings to a workplace, while  managing the potential risks of this social revolution.

Ragna Kemp Haraldsdottir

Adjunct Lecturer, Universtiy of Iceland

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