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Teorifagbygget Hus 1, 1.313
Track B: Education in a Digital Perspective

Digital Transfer of Student Records News From the EMREX Network

How can this system assist institutions with international admission and recognition?

The EMREX network, initially co-funded by Erasmus+, addresses the EU 2020 target that 20% of higher education students should be mobile during their studies. EMREX focuses on the electronic exchange of student achievement. Together with other initiatives, like Erasmus Without Paper, ESC, ESMO, SEAL, MyAcademicID, it is part of a wider set of activities supporting digitalization of student mobility. In 2016-2017, the EMREX project ran a field trial in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Poland, testing new ways to make the administration of student mobility easier by sending data digitally. Over 100 students from 30+ HEIs in these countries logged into their student portals at their home universities and collected their study achievements electronically from the host universities, without the need to send paper copies. Since then, the network has converted into a working production environment. EMREX is spreading out to new countries and provides more value to users by augmenting the service catalogue. EMREX is now extended to employers, Enic-Naric organizations and other organizations in need of achievement information. News from the EMREX network will be presented at the session — on development, expansion, and plans for the future. The EMREX solution will be demonstrated live during the session.

Geir Vangen

Director of IT-development, Unit, Directorate for ICT and Joint Services in Higher Education and Research, Norway

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